House design

HOUSING Conception, Design and Technical Supervision

Prospective home buyers, unsatisfied with stereotypes or, lacking the knowledge to design and build their dream home, may use our services and expert advice. Not only we may provide avant-garde Design and consequently add market value to your home, I will create a project that is a reflection of your Family needs, aspirations and lifestyle, with substantial construction savings, due to know-how, follow up and supervision of the Project. Very fair honorary.Further, I will offer you, one hour free advice, for any questions you may have, on this matter.

Kim Amorim, earned a Master degree in 1976, at The Chalmers School of Architecture, Gothenburg, Sweden.

His work spreads through many different Projects, in Europe, from Housing to Clinics, Hotels, etc. Twenty two years of work.

Unfortunately, Kim was denied the right to register in BC in 1991, when he immigrated to Victoria with his young family.

This wonderful Country of immigrants, welcomes skilled immigrants !……………

………………………..but, somehow, somebody,………….denies them the right to fully apply their skills, as contribution to a better Canada, for ALL of us.

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