Hire us and be a winner.

We study the market every single day and since we are Real Estate experts, it is only normal for us to select the best deals for “Our Buyers”.

Floating right

We preview the selected homes to make sure they are true. By doing this preview, we delete the bad homes, saving the client time and frustration. Unfortunately, many homes are overpriced, have patent defects or are in bad locations. Some are dressed up but the bones are weak.

Do you see now why you would need us at your side?

1- As buyer agents, we will offer you our best resources. Long time experience, since 1993, building knowledge background and unconditional service 24/7. (No assistants).

2- Your own advanced property search.
When you become “Our buyer”, your Email address will be entered into our sophisticated search system at no cost to you, enabling you to receive new listings as per your criteria, in advance of the general Public. When you select any listings, we will do our homework to advice you on such.

3- Evaluating a property and preparing an offer to purchase.
The market is often filled with listings of different types, quality and prices.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any scientific methods to evaluate real estate. The assessed value used for taxation purposes, has no bearing on the market swings. The assessment roll is updated each other year and is influenced by taxation goals rather than reality. As it is today in a slowing market due to the global crisis, the assessed value is often higher than the market value. Based on our expertize and daily market contact we will evaluate the subject property and will prepare a winning offer to purchase, on your behalf.
Price is not all.

The home’s technical characteristics are of great importance. Some homes from the 50’s and before may contain asbestos insulation, poor foundations or lack of, old dangerous wiring, poor attic ventilation with sagging trusses, no perimeter drains, etc. A total nightmare. The building codes have been updated through the years and still have a long way to go, compared with international standards (Europe). The inventory of available homes is most diverse and needs skillful attention. All this influences the market value and we would rather tell you to avoid such houses. We know of cases where enthusiastic buyers with less apt realtors, lost their shirts. The building inspectors are of varied caliber and often use liability disclaimers limited to the cost of the inspection ($500 or so).
“Don’t go alone into the jungle … you may get hurt.”
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Some houses may look cute, they may be however potential time bombs to blow up your equity. In fact we believe, the Government should set up a system, to insure that every house receives adequate certification before being introduced to the market.

Things you need to do when Buying:

1- Be qualified for a mortgage or have cash. Sometimes independent mortgage brokers may offer better deals. Call us pl. for contact info.

2- Figure out what kind of dwelling and where you wish to buy. (buy a map, drive around, ask friends)

3- Have a Lawyer or Notary Public to handle the transaction (ph. book).

4- Have an insurance company lined up. (ph. book)

5- Have a building inspector (see ph. book or call us)

6- Have at least 5% down payment and a cash deposit of min $5,000,, which goes as part payment of the purchase value, when (if) you remove all subjects. Have other funds to pay the taxes (pl. check with Revenue Canada or your Financial Institution).